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Past conferences in recent years include:

Death and immortality in Greek philosophy and early Christianity, 2015

The Northern Association for Ancient Philosophy, Annual Meeting, 2016

Mind and Cosmos in Ancient Philosophy and Science: The Reception of Plato’s Timaeus in Hellenistic Times, 2016 (St Andrews – Edinburgh cooperation)

Law and deliberation in Athenian philosophy and oratory, 2017

St. Andrews Graduate Conference in Ancient Philosophy, 2018

2nd St. Andrews Graduate Conference in Ancient Philosophy, 2019:


Upcoming Conferences and Events:

New Trends in the Study of Eleatism

April 18th-19th, 2020:


Gábor Betegh (Cambridge): “The origins of the concept of body: Parmenides, Melissus and Democritus”

Mathilde Brémond (Clermont Auvergne): “Antilogic arguments by the Eleatics”

Jenny Bryan (Manchester) ‘The epistemological reception of Parmenides in Empedocles”

Lea Cantor (Oxford): “Parmenides and the Centred View”

Ben Harriman (Edinburgh): “Posidonius on Parmenides on Perception”

Alex Long (St Andrews) ‘Truth and belief in Parmenides’

Richard McKirahan (Pomona): “An Aristotelianizing Parmenides”

Arnaud Macé (Franche-Comté): “Cosmology and cosmogony in Parmenides’ poem”

Jaap Mansfeld (Utrecht): “Two worlds and their intermediates in Parmenides”

Emese Mogyoródi (Szeged) ‘Immateriality and the feminine in Parmenides’

Massimo Pulpito (Taranto): “The anti-Parmenideanism of Melissus”.

Barbara Sattler (St Andrews/Bochum): ‘Zeno’s method and its Parmenidean origin’

David Sedley (Cambridge): ‘Parmenides and names’

Simon Trépanier (Edinburgh): ‘Parmenides’ challenge: rejecting or bracketing off of sense-perception?’

Greek reading group

Martinmas Semester 2019: we meet Tuesdays 12.00 – 13.30, Edgecliffe G01. We are now reading Plato’s Protagoras. All are welcome.