Northern Association for Ancient Philosophy

Annual Meeting

11 – 12 April 2023
Arts Lecture Theatre, St Andrews.


Attendance is free and open to all.
Registration is required.
This event is wheelchair accessible.

Contact: Margaret Hampson, [email protected] or
Alex Long, [email protected]


Tuesday 11 April

1.30 Welcome

2-3 Ellisif Wasmuth (Essex)
Outside the Cave: Plato on Self-Knowledge

3.10-3.50 I Xuan Chong (St Andrews)
Re-reading NE VI.12-13

4.20-5.20 Peter Adamson (Munich)
The Bitter Pill: Lady Philosophy as Healer in Boethius’ Consolation

Wednesday 12 April

9.00 Coffee

9.30-10.30 Aiste Celkyte (Leiden)
Agree to Disagree: Diogenes vs. Antipater in Cicero’s De Officiis II

10.40-11.20 Andrea Buongiorno (Oxford)
Ontological multivocity and ontological primacy in Metaphysics Z1

11.50-12.50 Sophia Connell (Birkbeck)
Protreptic Themes in Aristotle’s Zoology

Hosted by: the Department of Philosophy, and the School of Classics (University of St Andrews)